Human Resource Solutions

Our HR solutions can have a positive impact on you, your employees, and your company’s bottom line. When you no longer have to handle time-consuming task, you can really focus on what is most important to your organization’s success.

Whether you have already have a Human Resources department, or are just building your HR from the ground up, PBG can support your HR needs. Many of Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey area clients are provided our HR services at no additional cost.

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HRIS, or Human Resources Information System, is an information technology system that stores HR information such as new hire enrollment, payroll, and employee benefits. It is an integrative system that can be shared through all departments ranging from marketing to finance, so everyone is on the same page. This functionality improves office efficiency, meaning there is no more vacation requests needing approval from managers, nor the need to fill out sick day paperwork - simply use the online system. In addition, better business decisions are made when using an automated system. HRIS makes it easy to measure performance and generate reports on different metrics throughout the company, such as employee turnover. Accurate and readily available data provides credibility to any business.

HR Portal

The HR Portal is a 24/7 online tool that gives instant access to a vast array of interactive online tools, templates, trainings, and resources to help manage compliance and employee relations needs.


If you prefer to speak over the phone to a real person, we offer 365HR. Our clients have unlimited access to ask any array of HR questions including state regulatory issues, hiring concerns, and leave policy questions.


Ease incorporates powerful software tools to help you bring your entire HR department online. It allows you to leverage existing employee data that can easily be edited, creates a digital water cooler for increased engagement amongst employees, and makes it easy for you to stay compliant and avoid IRS penalties.  

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Ease makes on boarding quick and efficient with digital offer letters and e-signed W-4 and I-9 forms. It also integrates with top tier payroll providers to make simplfy your payroll process. Ease’s mobile app for employees on iOS and Android puts a company directory, time-off calendar, and benefits information in your employee’s pocket.

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Employee wellness is of the utmost importance to you. A successfully implemented wellness program can provide many benefits for you, your employees, and your organization, including:

  • Happier and healthier employees
  • Boosted productivity and morale
  • Reduced health risks and healthcare cost
  • Improved employee recruitment and retention

At PBG we believe in an organic approach to corporate wellness. That means helping you building your wellness initiative from the inside-out by starting an internal wellness committee, setting goals, and tapping into all of our wellness resources.

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